My Experience in Kolkata WordPress Community Meetup

Before sharing my own experience in attending Kolkata WordPress Community Meetup, I would like to define “What are WordPress Meetups?”

WordPress Meetups are kind of informal meetups in local areas. Meetups welcome everyone from novice users to experienced developers. The main intention behind the community meetups is to bring together these users and spread their expertise evenly. So, whether you use WordPress as a Blogger, designer, programmer or for any other purpose, this meetup can surely help you. Moreover, attending a WordPress Community Meetup will help you to get more exposure to the WordPress platform.

Rahul D Sarker was the one who introduced me into the Kolkata WordPress Community. All the members of the community really possess a Welcoming attitude. And this thing helped a lot in breaking out of the bubble. No doubt, there are boundless benefits and knowledge you get when you participate in a gathering of like-minded people.

Let me share some of the benefits of attending Kolkata WordPress Community Meetup

WordPress Kolkata Community Meetup
#1. It gives you an idea about Community Building

When I first participated in Kolkata WordPress Meetup, I began to sense the feeling of our community. It feels great to talk to new people who think like me. You can share your own working experience without worrying that people will think you weird.  To enjoy the buzz of learning something new from each and everyone is amazing. It feels like we are taking an initiative in making a difference. There, we learn to be better at what we do. WordPress Community Meetup really elicits that feeling of community buildup.

#2. An opportunity to make your own Network

It is good to get information from meetups but it’s even better to share with the people what you have in your bundle of knowledge. Suppose, if you’re a web developer, it’s a great opportunity for you to market your services to the ones who r interested. It can also give you a chance to meet other professionals and turn into collaboration on projects. Meetup sessions are the launch pad for learning new things and sharing what you’ve learned along the way.

#3. Worthy Talks

WordPress Community Meetups engage WordPress experts who are very well aware of the different aspects of WordPress. With talks and speeches, they share about their careers in WordPress. How they got started with WordPress and the way they overcome challenges. These precious experiences are really important and might provide you with the actual solution to a problem that you might have never realized. There are many other possibilities that may come up during the talk sessions of meetups.

#4. Meet Budding WordPress Users

It’s a common feeling for a beginner in WordPress that everyone present in that intimidating environment knows everything about WordPress. But, definitely, it’s not the case when it comes to WordPress Community Meetups.

In my own experience, there are always a good number of people present who are beginners and are willing to get started with WordPress. It’s surprising how people there will resonate with you if you feel you’re at the very beginning stage of using WordPress.

#5. Can Help you to Solve your Website Problems

Problems can happen to everyone, even the experts. There’s nothing to be ashamed of it. But attending a WordPress Meetup can help you to learn from the best, the solution to your specific problem. All you need to do is just ASK…

#6. Build long-lasting Professional Relationships

Through Meetups, you can develop a long-lasting Professional Relationship, be it as an employee or as a business partner. Community Meetups can be used to reconnect and meet up again.

#7. Contribute to WordPress Community by Volunteering

A great way to contribute to the WordPress Community is to Volunteer at a WordCamp. Volunteering will help you to become a part of the WordPress family. You will get to meet a lot of new people during your volunteering shifts so you should be ready for a full day of fun socialization and courteous representative of the WordPress Community.

Overall Experience: 

The experience I had after attending the Kolkata WordPress Community Meetup helped me to improve my confidence level in working with WordPress. I gained a lot of rich knowledge and got a chance to meet many WordPress enthusiasts. People there are passionate about WordPress and they love to talk about it. Hence, if you have a high interest in the WordPress platform and want to stay updated with the new additions of WordPress, you should definitely attend the Kolkata WordPress Community Meetup.